Antique navette ring in 8K gold with old cut diamonds (2.40ctw approx.), 10s

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I would define this ancient shuttle ring as "The Navette Ring par excellence".
With two particularly accentuated points, this incredible jewel was made with care and attention to particular details, and dates back to the first decade of the 900s (10s of the XNUMXth century).
The whole surface is studded with old-cut diamonds, divided into two sections, one more internal and one more external, each bordered by a yellow gold outline: in the innermost section we find a row of 5 diamonds, including the largest diamond. of the ring (the central one), and also with four small diamonds placed at each corner; in the outermost section, which surrounds it, we have another 23 diamonds.
The diamonds, as mentioned, are all old-cut, for an estimated total of 2.40ct.
The frame of the central part is entirely modeled in 8K yellow gold, as is the stem: the external contour is decorated with a process that we could define as "laced", and which is particularly noticeable once the ring is worn; An interesting element is the fact that the back of the ring is entirely closed with a gold foil (an element that does not negatively affect the brilliance of the diamonds).

Anni '10 

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8K gold and old cut diamonds (for an estimated total of 2.40ct)

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