Antique ring in 12K gold and silver, with micromosaic and aventurine, first half of the 800th century (1801-1850)

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Today I propose this very particular and unique ancient ring, dating back to the first half of the 800th century (1801-1850), which is mainly characterized by the micromosaic that decorates it.

Micromosaic (also called minute mosaic or miniature mosaic) is a mosaic production technique, presented for the first time in Rome in 1775, in the workshop of the mosaicist Giacomo Raffaelli.
The innovative micromosaic technique was made possible thanks to the production of minute tesserae and different shapes, suitable for the composition of small-sized artifacts and to be seen at close range, therefore perfect for relatively small objects such as jewelry.

Thanks to this technique we can therefore have a process like the one that decorates our ring, and which creates a unique and inimitable decoration.
In this case we have the design of a temple, placed on a naturalistic background, with green tiles that recreate the lawn and with white-blue tiles that recreate the sky.
The micromosaic is inserted inside an avventurine, a stone characterized by this luminous, brilliant aspect and crossed by many sparkling dots.
The uniqueness of this ring continues thanks to the decorations that run throughout the frame and the stem: the external contour, the claws and the shoulders are entirely modeled in silver, and are crossed by various designs of flowers and other geometric elements, made by fine and precise engravings.
The stem is also embellished with further engravings, but this is in 12K gold, as is the back outline of the frame (which can be seen from the orange color, unlike the rest which is, in fact, silver).

First half of the 800th century (1801-1850)

18 (editable) 

12K gold, silver, micromosaic and aventurine 

Height: 2,6 cm
Width: 2,4 cm

7.7 g

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