Vintage 24K gold English coin pendant (from 1920), 60s

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This pendant is decorated with an English coin, dating back to 1920 and entirely in 24K gold; the coin is housed in an 18K gold setting, and dates back to the 60s.

On one side we find the profile of the famous Queen Victoria, queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from 1837 to 1901.
We recognize her from some elements deeply linked to her image: most of all the mourning veil, one of the symbols that characterized her life from the day her husband died (the day she decided that she would carry mourning for the rest of her life - wearing only black clothes and symbols related to it; and so he did!).
Even the small crown she wears on her head is linked to this radical and important choice of life: it is in fact a crown made specifically to be worn with the mourning veil (since the "official" crown, the Imperial State one, was too big to be able to "stand" on the head of the queen who in the meantime also wore the veil).
The making of this little crown made the queen very happy, as she could at the same time be a woman mourning the death of her husband, but also the queen she was.
Obviously we understand that it is Queen Victoria also for the legend that we find on the edge of the coin, whose extended text is the following: "Victoria Dei Gratia Brittanniarum Fidei Defensatrix (or Fidei Defensor)" (= Victory, by the Grace of God, Queen of the British, Defender of the Faith).

On the back we find St. George on the horse that defeats the Dragon, historical symbol of the English nation (and made national patron saint by King Edward III).
An interesting fact is that the design we find on this coin (and, specifically, in all those minted starting from 1817), was designed by Benedetto Pistrucci, an Italian stone engraver: his approach to the new design was to give a change refreshing to the heraldry that was traditionally featured on coins.
Pistrucci thus gave life to a Saint George full of movement, confidence, and sensuality: we see him portrayed as a naked Greek knight, whose skills in battle and his physical strength are highlighted, and thanks to which he victoriously defeats the dragon. .

Frame: 60s 
Coin: 1920s

Coin: 24K gold
Frame: 18K gold

Total diameter: 2.7 cm
Coin diameter: 2.2 cm

10 g

Very good condition

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