Antique trilogy in 18K gold with diamonds (two rosette cut and one antique cut), early 900s

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Tonight I will show you another example of an ancient trilogy, which is very similar to what I proposed the other day.
Like the other, in fact, it is a particular trilogy, being that the three stones are arranged vertically and not horizontally, unlike the classic trilogy that we are used to seeing; in this way the shoulders of the ring connect to the head as if it were a contrarié, therefore in opposite directions.
Another particular element is the fact that the three diamonds are arranged diagonally and not in a straight line, giving a further extreme movement to the ring.
The three diamonds that decorate it are the two lateral ones of rosette cut and the central one of old cut, and they are found in a frame worked in the shape of petals, creating the illusion that the ring is embellished by three central flowers; the stem, also worked, is entirely modeled in 18K gold.
The ring as mentioned is ancient, and dates back to the early twentieth century. 

Early 900s

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18K gold and three diamonds (the two side rosette cut and the central old cut one

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