Antique men's ring in 18K gold with sapphires and central diamond, early 900s

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If this men's ring reminds you of anything yes, it is very similar to the one published the other day (also for men).
The men's rings of this period are in fact often based on the model that we find in both examples proposed, which are therefore quite similar: like the other, this is also ancient, from the early twentieth century, it is entirely in 18K gold. and is decorated with the same stones, as well as with engraved decorations. 
However, there is an element here that makes this ring particularly different from the others: we usually find a central sapphire, and diamonds on both sides; in this case, however, the main stone is the diamond and is flanked by two sapphires. 
The difference might seem minimal, but on the hand I must say that the effect created is extremely different: the preponderance of the blue of the two side stones, in contrast with the white of the diamond and the gold of the setting, creates a result unprecedented and beautiful. 
Another difference with the other ring is the less rounded shape but more squared. 
The whole surface is finally further decorated with precise and elegant engravings of flowers and other elements of nature.  


Early 900s

22 (editable)

18K gold, central rosette cut diamond and side sapphires

8.7 g

Very good condition

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